I Heart You! Valentine’s Day Gift Guide!


Happy almost Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. I love pink, red, and hearts! I wear heart stuff all year! To share my love of Valentine’s Day and bargains, I have put together a gift guide! This guide has gifts for women, kids, and even puppies! I will describe each item below from top to bottom and left to right. I will also link the items so you can buy them today! Enjoy!!

  1. I Chews You T-shirt: This shirt is from Walmart and is super cute for all the Star Wars fans! It is a kids/toddler t-shirt. Buy here!
  2. Black Heart Earrings. These earrings are from Target and are adorable! Bauble Bar has a collab with Target called SugarFix and all of the earrings are affordable and amazing. Buy here!
  3. Heart Fleece: This fleece is from the Loft and is soft and comfy for a Valentine’s Day dinner at home. This fleece is selling out fast! Buy here!
  4. Heart Eye Shadow Palette: This palette is by I Heart Revolution. It is called the Heartbreaker Palette. It is 7 dollars!! Great for makeup lovers! Buy here!
  5. Heart Baby Onesie: This item has sold out on H&M, so I am linking a very similar one from Carters. Buy here!
  6. Heart Pie Plate: This little pie plate is perfect for anyone that likes to bake! It is a little pricey but great quality! It comes in red and pink! Buy here!
  7. White and Black Heart Sweatshirt: This sweatshirt is from the Loft and soft and fuzzy! Loft is always having great sales! They have so much heart stuff! Buy here!
  8. Heart Hoops: This cute little hoops are from Banana Republic. These are a must have for everyday life! Buy here!
  9. Heart Girls Dress: This little heart dress is from H&M and is so cute! H&M has the best kids and baby clothes for great prices. Buy here!
  10. Pearl Heart Hair Pin: This hair pin is from J-Crew Factory Outlet. I love it. It is so chic. Your hair needs love too! Buy here!
  11. Cheetah Heart Leggings: These leggings are from Lilly Pulitzer. They are a splurge, but they are so comfy and worth it. Treat yourself! Buy here!
  12. Pink and White Heart Sweater: This sweater is from Talbots. This item is pricey but worth it. Talbots quality is amazing. You will have this sweater for years! Buy here!
  13. Ice Skate Earrings: OMG these earrings are my fav! They are so cute. Perfect for a little girl or teen! They are also by SugarFix at Target. Buy here!
  14. Box of Chocolate Dog Toy: Dogs need love too! This little dog toy is perfect for any pup, it is from Chewy.com! Buy here!

Cheers to you having a super cute Valentine’s Day! Spread the love!