Christmas Decor Tour

Happy Friday!!!!

The holiday season has officially begun! Or, as I like to call it the month when I avoid going to HomeGoods! JK, I still go but I usually have one anxiety attack per shopping trip. I am not a fan of crowds, and I really like to take my time and look at things. I officially decorated my house on Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I usually wait until the Friday after Thanksgiving but the holiday season is very short this year! It took me about two days to do my whole house including the outside. I did have my Mom helping me trim the tree and my husband getting boxes from our incredibly unorganized basement. I will admit I do suffer from a little bit of decorating OCD. I want things perfect and placed in the correct spots.

I would say my Christmas decorating style is mostly classic with a hint of sparkle. I got my love of decorating for Christmas from my Mom. She is also a perfectionist. I will let you in on a little secret, even as a 34 year old adult my mother will not let me help her decorate, or touch her tree. My Mom’s house is also incredibly decorated!

I love Christmas and celebrating with friends and family. In the spirit of making people happy, and spreading Christmas cheer, I have decided to share a little Christmas decor house tour! I have small cape house on the south shore of Massachusetts. The rooms are small, so my Christmas decorations are also on the small side to fit the spaces. I honestly almost did not create this blog post because I was feeling a little intimated by all the amazing decor bloggers on Instagram, but hey small houses deserve love too! With that said, please enjoy this Christmas decor blog post!!

Let’s start with my staircase. First off, the presents are fake and were just put there for the photo! After I took photo I put them under my tree. For my staircase, I used garland from the Christmas Tree Shops, and I put a small red bow at the end. It is simple, chic, and very budget friendly. We just opened up this staircase last winter and added the railing and newel post. I love it!!

Next we have my living room! This room is decorated pretty traditionally. The Christmas tree is from Lowes and I think is 7 feet. It is decorated with traditional ornaments and white lights. Most of the ornaments have been collected over the past 5 years. My Aunt Mary also gave me about 20 Christmas ornaments and decorations for my wedding shower which was an amazing gift! My mantle is decorated with garland and white lights. The plates that top the mantle are from the Christmas Tree Shoppe. ( I got them this year) I believe the rest of the decorations are from either Marshalls or HomeGoods. My mom made the tree topper from plaid ribbon.

Continuing on with my living room, I wanted to share some pillows and these really cute shadow boxes that I decorate seasonally. The truck pillow is from Walmart and the nutcracker pillow is from my Mom’s house. The shadow boxes are from Marshalls. The little ski chalet on the shelf is from Day Trip Society in Kennebunkport Maine. The Santa candle is from HomeSense.

Next, we have my dining room. Yes I said dining room hahah. I grew up with a dining room, and it was important to me to have one when I was buying a house. For Christmas, I decorate the dining table with a red bow table cloth from Kate Spade, silver candlesticks, gold Christmas tree candles, and a cute floral present centerpiece from Michaels. I decorated my gold buffet table with cute candlesticks, a joy sign, and a little gold tinsel tree. All the buffet decorations are from Marshalls and or HomeGoods. On my bar I used a cute little snow globe tree from Acquire Good in Hingham, and Hingham for the holidays cocktail napkins from RSVP in Hingham.

Now on to my little but beautiful kitchen! I like to keep my kitchen Christmas decorations pretty simple. I like to keep some sort of red flowers in a vase with my cute little gingerbread cookie decoration from Michaels.I decorate my kitchen bench area with a cute Santa pillow from Micheals and an adorable Christmas theme table runner from Opal House at Target. Along my little peak throw into my dining room I have really cute Christmas car themed garland from Michaels. The color scheme in the kitchen is bright, so I like to use fun pops of pink and blue.

Lastly, we have my finished basement! I refuse to call it a man cave but it is a fun spot where my husband does hang out. The basement is decorated in a vintage Christmas theme. Most of the decorations are from my childhood. Some of the decorations were even made by family members! We also have a little Charlie Brown like tree that is decorated with drink themed ornaments. We have an electric fire place, and we like to sit down in the “pub” (that is what we call the basement) and listen to old Christmas records. We have a also fun bar that is decorated with lights.

That sums up my Christmas decor house tour! I want to wish everyone a happy and safe Holiday season!!! If you want any more information on my Christmas decor, please leave a comment below! Remember to be yourself when it comes to decorating, and don’t be afraid to try something new!

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