Hey Girl Hey


I am Elsbeth! Yes Elsbeth not Elizbeth. I wanted to start a blog to share with everyone my love of home decor, cocktails, travel, beauty, and fashion. I am 34, married, and living on the south shore of Massachusetts. I am currently enjoying what I like to call an “adult gap year”. I quit my ” real job” last January. Everyday I would dread going to work, so I decided to leave. It was hard to leave a nice paycheck, but it really helped to me have time to figure out what actually made me happy. Over the past 10 months I have been selling clothes on Poshmark, working a few days week at a friends bakery, developing my photography business, and trying to become a “blogger”. I put blogger in quotations because I am really not that picture perfect, big house, rich, celebrity like blogger. I am a real person who likes to share tips on how to decorate, travel, shop, and entertain on a budget. I am firm believer in being yourself when it comes to decorating, and in life. If you want to spend thousands of dollars on art for your house, good for you! If you want to cover your house in Blink 182 posters go for it, but please frame it! Listen, I did not create this blog to tell you what to do with your life. You do you! I am here if you want tips on every day stuff. If you like budget friendly finds, and a sense of humor then this blog is for you!



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